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Rescue Me (2009)

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Rescue Me (2009)


1. Light

(Copyright 2009 - R. Butler, J. Deese, M. Deese, T. Doski, S. Earnhardt, R. Ford, V. Ford)

Lord, I can't take this any longer
I can't stand alone anymore
Heavy is the burden I bear
Can You take, can You take it away?

If I give it to You
Will You take it from me?
If I give it to You
Will You grant me Your peace?
If I give it to You
Will You lead me through the night?
If I give it to You
Will you make my heart light?

I know You won't give me too much
But sometimes it feels that way
I just need some help this time
Can You help, can You help me get by?

Take my pride
And take my shame
Take my guilt
And all my pain

I gave it to You
And You took it from me
I gave it to You
And You brought me Your peace
I gave it to You
And You helped me be strong
I gave it to You
And You made my heart light

2. No Matter

(Copyright 2009 - R. Butler, J. Deese, M. Deese, T. Doski, S. Earnhardt, R. Ford, V. Ford)

There’s an old chair  In a dim room
In a house I lived long ago
With a short leg  And a torn seat
Where I laid my head ever so
As I spoke to And I listened
While on my knees I prayed
And I questioned  And I wondered
If I’d ever be the same

No matter the place
No matter the time
You’ll grant me your grace
And your mercy sublime

In a jail cell  Full of regret
His sin had ruled his life
Father, help me  The man cried out
And he came to see the light
In an instant  Freedom given
Though the bars still blocked his way
Revelation  New salvation
As his sins were washed away

Spirit in me
God above me
In your holy name I say

Jesus, take me
Savior, break me
I will live for you from this day

3. 121

(Copyright 2009 - R. Butler, J. Deese, M. Deese, T. Doski, S. Earnhardt, V. Ford)

Hundred twenty-one in church today, But how many were there for You?
40 just always come because that’s what they’re supposed to do.
28 came to bring their kids.  They’d rather be sitting at home.
17 wanted to see their friends, even though they’ll go back alone.

Why are you sitting here?  Why did you come?
Did you show up just to check it off your list?
God loves you even when you don’t know He’s there.
His love for you has no end.

Two came hoping to soothe their guilt,
But they won’t admit they were wrong.
The one who’s giving Your word today
Wonders if his faith is strong.
Five felt all alone in there, the clothes they had weren’t right.
Four swore they would not return, said they’d rather go than fight.

Twelve thought this was not so bad, maybe church was a place to come.
You know there were 10 who worshipped You, with their heart and soul and song.
But the one that made You smile today, was the one You’ve been whispering to.
She came down front to the altar rail and gave the rest of her life to You.

We forget to worship, we forget to adore.  We forget to praise Your Name on high.
Where 2 or 3 gather in Your Holy Name
You’re always right beside.

4. Rescue Me

(Copyright 2009 - R. Butler, J. Deese, M. Deese, T. Doski, S. Earnhardt, V. Ford)

I hear the door of bad decisions…. Slamming behind me.
Deadbolt of sin holds tightly shut, what I chose not to see.
So lost, so dazed, so lonely… in utter discontent.
Slide deep into a gaping breach, of bitter, swift descent.

Oh rescue me – I need Your help
So far off now I don’t think I’ll ever find the way.
Oh lift me out – of this dark place
And see the plea of my raised hand to touch Your grace.
Tried again to outrun myself…. But I couldn’t go the distance.
Slammed right into the mile high wall that shelters my resistance.
I can’t believe so desperately … thru this life I scramble
I can’t tell if the benefit … will outweigh the gamble.

Just turn around, walk to the light
This one is no dead end.
My saving grace will be in You –
The One who calls me friend.

5. Convinced

(Copyright 2009 - R. Butler, J. Deese, M. Deese, T. Doski, S. Earnhardt, V. Ford)

Convicted, mistreated, condemned, sent to die
Hated, berated, my Lord, crucified
His innocence unknown, He took my sins in death alone.
He rose up from the grave, my unworthy life to save

I am convinced, they can never take away.
I am convinced, He is in my life to stay.
I am convinced, and I want Him by my side.
I am convinced, He’s my Savior, He’s my Guide.

Misunderstood and abandoned by all
He bore our sins on the cross, took the fall.
He could have walked away, but He knew that He would stay
He died upon a tree, and gave us life eternally.

Glorious, powerful, risen from death
Jesus wants you to come to Him and save yourself.
He will forgive your sins.  He wants you to come in.
It doesn’t matter what you’ve done.  You no longer have to run.

6. Beautiful

(Copyright 2009 - R. Butler, J. Deese, M. Deese, T. Doski, S. Earnhardt, V. Ford)

Beautiful, serene, confident façade-

Resting on illusion, a razor thin base.
Cosmetically appealing, carefully concealing-
What some would call a raging basket case.

The contents of the basket, so difficult to sort-
In self-esteem assessment, she always comes up short…
she always comes up short…

Oh, it looks like she has it all together-
She’s a model of what she supposed to be.

Oh, and yeah, she cracking on the surface-

But this picture’s not a pretty one to see…
…it’s not a pretty one to see…

It’s all the years of pain and hurt that made the inside fragile-
She had to make the outside hard, or else she’d break apart.
Then she felt the hand of Jesus, His forgiveness filled her soul-
But trying to make them listen, feels like tearing out her heart.

Look beyond the surface, she screams into thin air-

The love that God has shown her, almost more than she can bear…

… it’s almost more than she can bear…

Oh, it looks like she has it all together-

His grace made her what she’s supposed to be.
‘cause there’s so much more than meets the eye now-
Her once fragile heart now strong and set free…
…is now strong and set free…

7. Angie

(Copyright 2005 - W. Beam, J. Deese, M. Deese, S. Earnhardt, R. Ford, V. Ford, S. Gardner)

Angie, you’re wearin’ that little black dress
Why you gotta be so brokenhearted?
What you're doin' to yourself just ain't no good
You gotta start kickin' those habits

Stayin' out late searchin for your answers
Tryin' to get away from where your past is
Out of all your dreams, which one is this?

Do you know the One who loves you?
Do you know the One who cares?
He will wait for you forever
He's always there

You grew up in church but you went your own way
Sunday for you is just another day
Whatcha gonna do, where you gonna go?
Another lonely night, out on your own

Running from yourself gets old
Nobody understands the hurt and pain
You need to find The Way back home
To feel the Son again, and know He reigns

Jesus will forgive you
When you can't forgive yourself
He will bring you through the darkness
He is your friend
He is your friend

8. In the Dark

(Copyright 2009 - R. Butler, J. Deese, M. Deese, T. Doski, S. Earnhardt, R. Ford, V. Ford)

Sitting by the campfire light
Is there anybody out there?
Silence like a fog rolls in
It's so thick in the air
Embers snap and fly so high
A dog screams at the Moon
I'm all alone out here
And morning can't come too soon

Is it dark, is it light?
Is this my end here in sight?
I've been running from You
You've been shadowing me
Are You here to take my life?

I feel like something's right behind me
I start to look, but wait
No matter what it is
It just may be my fate
The sound stops dead at my back
In the dark I close my eyes
No longer by myself
And no time for disguise

In the flames another light
I've never seen before
I'm no longer scared to look
This Light has something more
In its bright reflection
I see clearly in the night
My fear no longer there
Behind me is His Light

I've been running from You
You've been shadowing me
I want You to take my life

9. Pick Me

(Copyright 2005 - W. Beam, J. Deese, M. Deese, S. Earnhardt, R. Ford, V. Ford, S. Gardner)

Pick me, pick me.
My voice longs to scream.
Pick me, pick me.
I’m much more than I seem.
I may not look like much,
or even seem that grand.
But I'll run the race,
give my all,
be all that I can

My life changed from just existing
to living from on high.
Jesus saved me from the busyness
of simply getting by.
I give control to You, oh Lord,
I humbly and fearfully cry…

I know the love of God and feel
Christ's love through sacrifice.
I ache to share His glory,
be His hands and feet and light.
My soul feels a deep longing
that aches inside despite…

The fear and pride and brokenness
I never thought I'd lose
Has been replaced by grace from Him,
the choice is mine to choose.
God's telling me that fear's no skin
that I need to be livin' in.
Fear's not from Him, just an attack.
I hear Him say, “I've got your back.”
Amaze me, Lord, inspire me, Lord.
Amaze me, Lord, inspire me, Lord.
Amaze me, Lord, inspire me, Lord.
Amaze me, Lord, inspire me, Lord.

10. This Side of Heaven

(Copyright 2005 - J. Deese, M. Deese, S. Earnhardt, R. Ford, V. Ford)

This side of heaven
Is a temporary place
Our eternal home is waiting
‘Till we move in by your grace.

It’s so hard this side of heaven
Daily struggles do we bear,
Still we feel you watching over us
Armed with comfort and with care.
All we have to do is ask you
Though distracted, Lord, are we,
So obstructed is our view down here
Only conflict do we see.

But make us still, make us quiet-
Let the scales fall from our eyes.
Let us see that this brief time here
Is a classroom in disguise.
What we suffer here is growing us
If we only choose to see,
That the lessons of this life on earth
Will all make sense if we believe that…

You gave your son that we could live
We can not understand,
But on this side of heaven,
Precious Lord, we see Your hand.

11. Unworthy

(Copyright 2009 - R. Butler, J. Deese, M. Deese, S. Earnhardt, V. Ford)

Sometimes I cry….  Lord, help me understand
Sometimes I pray….  Lord, hold me in Your hand
Sometimes I beg….  Lord, help me find a way

So close but yet so far, can’t get to where You are…
I’m such a sinner, Lord… You love me when I am so… unworthy.

But God showed His love to us.  While we were still sinners, Christ died for us.

You promise me that I can start anew
Forgive my past, and live my life for You
How can it be?  A future fresh and bright
So pure and whole, I’m cleansed within Your sight

Lord, You know where I’ve been…I’ll probably sin again
How can You love me, Lord?  A sinner like me who’s so … unworthy.

I tell you, there will be more joy in heaven, because of ONE sinner who is SORRY for his sins, and turns from them
Than for NINETY-NINE people right with God, who do not have sins to be sorry for..

Unworthy of Your grace, Your precious smiling face
Your arms are open wide…   …   …

My faith is just so small, Just scared that I will fall
Let me come to Your side, broken, beloved, I … am Your child.

 “There’s nothing done or said that can’t be forgiven.” (Matthew 12:31)

12. Tongue Tied

(Copyright 2009 - R. Butler, J. Deese, M. Deese, T. Doski, S. Earnhardt, V. Ford)

I’m coming to you tongue-tied, don’t have the words to say
What’s in my heart, that aching place… I’ve been trying to find a way…
To pray the words I want to say, but cannot form a thought –
That fits the pressing need I feel… Frustration has me caught.

 (But) You hear me, Lord, You know me, Lord, You see into my soul..
I know you hear, what I can’t speak, an aching to be known

Please give me what I need, for I cannot form the words
Replace the doubt with knowing what I cannot speak you’ve heard
As the only one who can read my heart, You’re the Author of my life
When I have no vision of my own, You’re the One who has the sight
And then the peace that always comes, falls on me with grace
When I let the pressure drain away, and I focus on Your face….

(Cause) You hear me, Lord  You know me, Lord, You see into my soul..
I know you hear, what I can’t speak an aching to be known

13. Outside In

(Copyright 2009 - R. Butler, J. Deese, M. Deese, T. Doski, S. Earnhardt, V. Ford)

I dress myself in pretense from the outside in
Layer upon layer a thick façade who is the one within
The labels of the outside world I am desperate to hide.
And when the world sees a failure I know You see a soul that tried.

You search me from the inside out to know the heart of me
Transform me for your joy to shine for this broken world to see.
You tell me who I am inside, perfect enough for you
Help me Lord to see myself the same way you do

14. In a World We Cannot See

(Copyright 2009 - R. Butler, J. Deese, M. Deese, T. Doski, S. Earnhardt, R. Ford, V. Ford)

Fighting, clawing, scraping, jawing  In another other realm,
Bound to do the Devil's work  As my anger takes the helm
The spirits of the underworld  Are vying for my soul.
They're scheming and they're screaming  And they’re trying hard to take control

In a world we cannot see  Spirits surround you and me
In a world we'll never know  But close to us as our blood's flow

In anger's wrath, my tongue lashed out  Saying things Christ wouldn't say.
Upon my breath the demons flew  The victory was theirs that day.

All alone that night I cried:  "My dear Lord, what have I done?"
I prayed and listened; then I heard:  "My child, their battle's not been won.”

In a world you cannot see  My Angels surround you and me
Though the dark ones sometimes roar  They will never win this war

For all around the howling hounds,  The angels quickly close them in.
They push them back 'midst trumpet blasts  My glorious Savior's war to win.

In a world we cannot see,  Jesus fights for you and me.
So keep on fighting the good fight;  Walk in faith and not by sight.
In a new world, one day we'll be With Him for eternity


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